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Beck Diplomat Shoe Shiners: Recognized worldwide as the finest personal shoe shiners.  A Shoe Shine with the Beck Diplomat electric shoe shiner will outperform any others both in years of service and the quality of shine. Now you can get the best shoe shine available before you leave your home or office. Beck Electric Shoe Shine Machine  is Manufactured in the United States of America. If you need more help selecting a shoe shine shiner, just contact SEA Products at 610-761-7340.


Beck Shoe Buffers

The Beck Diplomat Shoe Shiner is the finest floor model that shines a magnificent shine in just seconds.  A tall man's hind-height, push button control has been added for extra convenience and stability.  Great for home use as well as public traffic areas.  Comes with handle in place. 


Motor 120 Volt 60 Hz motor.

Size: 30" H, 17" L, 6" W.

Available in 220 Volt



DIPLOMAT Personal Models Available in 3 Colors



$238.95  Free Shipping Continental USA




$244.95  Free Shipping Continental USA



$236.95  Free Shipping Continental USA


Replacement Brushes

Colors Available

(Black, Burgundy, Brown, Light Gray, Dark Gray)

$24.92 ea.

Black Set Free Shipping

(2 Black Brushes)





Professional Set Free Shipping

(1 Black & 1 Burgundy)







Free Instant Shine Sponge with any Shoe Polisher Purchase

One-Step Clean, Shine & Polish


Sponge Applicator


For All Colors of Leather & Vinyl


Great for Travel





Hotel Models

 Same unit with thermal overload switch.  Required for hotel use.

Click Here for Hotel Units



Beck Diplomat Shoe Buffer Facts:


With shoe shine shoe polishers you can buff your dull shoes to give them a brilliant shine in just two seconds!


There are many types of excellent shoe shine shoe polishers.


With shoe shine shoes polishers you can give your shoes a great new-looking shine right at your home.


Shoe shine shoe polishers are also a popular gift for the home or the office.


With shoe shine shoe polishers you can always look great and never have old, dull looking shoes again.


Shoe shine shoe polishers machines are quiet, yet powerful for a great experience.


Shoe shine shoe polishers are small so they will never be in the way, but always at hand when a shine is needed.


Some shoe polishers have a hand height push button for more convenience and stability. With a hand height button, you won’t need to bend down to start the shoe shine machine; instead you can simply stand comfortably and press the button.


Shoe shine shoe polishers are made for specific uses for a shine suited to each and every individual.


With a new shoe shine shoe polisher you are able to quickly restore the shine to your old shoes.


To turn your favorite pair of old shoes into new, fresh ones all you have to do is buy shoe shine shoe polishers.


With a shoe shine shoe polishers you’ll never have to worry about your shoes fading and looking old ever again!


Beck shoe shine shoe polishers come in chrome, brass and black with a one year warranty.


The Beck shoe shine shoe polisher Diplomat model has a waist height on/off switch while the Deluxe Twin model is a floor unit.